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Frequently Ask Question

Q: I'm interested in quickly getting as muscular as possible. How many reps should I do for each exercise?
A: While generalizations are often misleading, for adding mass to the major body parts the following ranges seem to work best for most people:

Chest & Back = 8-10 Reps / Set
Arms & Shoulders = 6-12 Reps / Set
Quads & Hamstrings = 8-15 Reps / Set
Calves = 12-20 Reps / Set

Again, as always its important to work variation into your training program. In particular, try periodically throwing some high rep training.

Q: Should I do lots of sit-ups to reduce fat around my middle?
A: You are ostensibly referring to "spot reduction". There is no such thing as spot reduction; it does not exist. You cannot exercise a particular body part and expect to loose fat around that area. Fat is always lost all over your body, not just in the area that you work. Sit-ups are also bad for your lower back. Do stomach crunches instead.

Q: How Much Cardio Should I Do?
A: That depends on your goal. If you have more than 8 - 10 kgs to lose and you haven't been active in a while, doing as much cardio as possible will get you the quickest results. Although 30 minutes 3 times a week may seem like a lot, this is maintenance level cardio so aim for 45 minutes 5 times a week. If you've been losing weight at a steady pace doing a lot of cardio and all of a sudden hit a plateau, your best bet is to focus on 1 long session of cardio 45-50 minutes and 3 shorter bouts of high intensity interval cardio per week. If you're in great shape and your main concern is losing a few pounds of body fat, your best option is to focus on 3 shorter bouts of high intensity interval cardio per week plus three or four quick bursts of active recovery cardio intervals lasting 1-2 minutes. If you're very skinny and you're trying to put on weight, limit your cardio to 10-20 minute warm-up sessions before weight training.


Q: Can I Train Abs Every Day?
A: Your abs is also a muscle, which needs rest to recover. The earliest you can train them is on alternate days or 3 times a week.

Q: Do I Have To Workout Every Day?
A: No, as long as you're training each body part hard three times a week and getting at least 4 cardio sessions in per week, you will be able see gradual results. If you want to see changes quickly, try 6 cardio sessions a week and strength training 4 times a week. Just be careful not to get carried away and start over training. This can be counterproductive to your weightloss/fatloss goals.

Q: Should I Cut Carbs?
A: If you're asking this question, you're most likely trying to burn fat and lose weight and the answer is not so clear-cut. It's not necessary to completely eliminate carbs from your diet in order to drop weight or lose fat but you do have to cut back to a level that allows your body to tap into your fat stores for energy. Part of the problem with cutting carbs all together is that your body does not burn fat as efficiently without carbs and your body always turns to your muscle mass first for energy. Remember that losing muscle mass means you'll be burning fewer calories, so be careful how much you cut back. Most people eat well over 200g of carbs a day so try cutting down to about 150g a day and make sure well over half of that is coming from high fibre cereal, fruit, and green vegetables. If within two weeks you don't experience some loss of fat or drop in weight, aim for 100g of carbs a day and see if that helps. If absolutely necessary cut down to 75g a day but only for 3 weeks then go back to 100-150g a day.

Q: Should I Take Supplements?
A: No & Yes in that order. It's always a good idea to try losing weight or dropping fat without the aid of supplements. If you start by taking supplements first, you teach your body to rely on these for fat burning and that's not what you want. Try to stay on track with your diet and exercise program for about a month before you start supplementing. Once you've primed your body, start taking fat burners & EFAa (Essential fatty Acids). The combination of new muscle mass and these two supplements will really kick your metabolism into high gear. And don't forget to be patient and focus on short-term goals while you're waiting for your body to change. It would be great to see results overnight but it takes time to make changes that will be long term.

Q: I'm looking to lose some body fat, what exercise should I do?
A: The best form of exercise to help lose body fat is aerobic exercise such as jogging, cycling or swimming whereby you use large muscle groups at a moderate intensity for a sustained period of time. Your body uses various fuels during exercise but after about 10-15 minutes at an intensity below maximum, you start to burn fatty acids, which yield more ATP for energy production. Many people believe that the best intensity for fat burning is around 60-70% of you maximum heart rate, above this you will be Cardio training or reaching maximum exercise capacity. Click here to calculate your target heart rate. However, exercise alone, although beneficial, is generally wasted unless you make alterations to your diet. You may feel you need to eat more because you are exercising, but if you are taking in the same amount of calories in a day as you are burning, then you will not lose body fat. And indeed if you consume more calories than you use, body fat will increase. If you are looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose some body fat, you need a good exercise regime and a good diet. You may be aware that each gram of fat you eat holds 9 calories, whereas carbohydrates and protein hold 4 calories each. It would therefore make more sense to reduce your dietary fat intake rather than your Protein or Carb intake. The problem with some so-called low fat foods is that they are simply replaced by lots of simple carbs while still containing a similar calorie content. Your best bet for losing body fat is a High Protein, Moderate Carbohydrate, Low Fat diet. Although Carbohydrates contain similar calories to Protein, excess Carbohydrates in the diet are easily converted to fat, while it is harder to convert excess protein to fat.

Q: What are fat loss supplements?
A: Fat loss supplements such as Thermocuts® are dietary aids designed to accelerate your fat loss results, whether simply trying to lose body fat or cutting up after a bulking period. Most are based on the clinically proven E/C/A Stack (herbal forms of Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin), which speed-up your metabolism (rate of calorie burning) and help you burn more fat even at rest.

Q: How does Caffeine help with fat burning?
A: Caffeine is found in many everyday drinks and medicines. It occurs naturally in coffee beans, tealeaves and coca, and along with alcohol and nicotine is one of the three most commonly used psychoactive drugs. Caffeine is a stimulator of the nervous system and directly of the postsynaptic receptor. According to the American Psychiatric Association, intoxication of caffeine occurs at doses greater than 500mg, where as most E/C/A stacked supplements contain around 100mg per serving. Some of the exercise specific benefits, which could be associated with caffeine intake, are increased lipolysis (the breakdown of tri-acy-lglycerol molecules to a glycerol and three fatty acids molecules, the fatty acids of which can be used for energy production in the muscle), increased contractility of skeletal muscles and even increased oxygen consumption. Again metabolic rate is increased, hence the thermogenic effect.